Volt Lille 2020

Welcome to Volt.
Politics made by citizens. For citizens

Volt is a citizen movement that was started two years ago and today has teams of volunteers across all European countries sharing the same values and ideas for a more democratic, ecologic and solidary way of doing politics. We try to establish citizen lists and participate in elections from european to national and local levels, because we believe that democracy is not only voting but having active communities and that the challenges facing us today require cooperation and collaboration - within and across cities, regions and countries.

Our Lille team is still small, but we would like to participate in the 2020 municipal elections! There are too many questions for us: Can Lille be a real european metropole? A city that not only pretends to be green but actively works to mitigate the effects of climate change? A city that doesn't suffocate citizens in unplanned traffic and rampant construction? A city, that extends its reach rather than leaving communes and the region behind? A city that is solidary without prejudice? A city that is secure for each and everyone? A city that educates with a perspective beyond borders and attracts international business? A city who cares for the needs of its citizens? A city we can call home and be proud of?

We are all part of Lille. And we are all a part of the answers to the questions above. This is our motto for Lille 2020: You are part of the puzzle! Join or help us changing the face of politics in Lille.

Municipal Elections 2020

Logo Volt's ideaLearn about our Idea

We want to establish politics as citizen responsibility - read about our vision and our approach for the elections and contribute your ideas.

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We want to collect and facilitate citizen proposals for our programme and eventual policies. See our proposals for the municipal elections.

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We want to participate in elections with citizen lists to eventually have citizen-led governments. Join us or volunteer as candidate for the elections.